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Minty Pea and Pistachio Falafel
Dinner, Vegetarian

Minty Pea and Pistachio Falafel


 Usually when you think of digesting something light and refreshing you think of a sparkling drink or a light fluffy dessert and don’t expect to get it in a meal. But with my recipe for minty pea and pistachio falafel you certainly do! I have always loved the combination of fresh peas […]

A warming drink of freshly pressed apples with all the flavours of autumn
Drinks and Smoothies

Hot Spiced Apple Drink


 There are so many reasons to love autumn. Spring can still be cold waiting for summer to appear, summer can be a real let down where we are waiting and waiting for THAT beloved heat wave to appear and winter can be cold and damp and seem like an eternity. But with […]

Dairy Free, Desserts

Piña Colada Ice Lollies


   Just because we are nearing the end of summer doesn’t mean we have to forfeit our favourite summer desserts… in fact these piña colada ice lollies are delicious all year round. I mean cocktails are allowed all year round so why not ice lolly cocktails too! These can be […]

A delicious antioxidant smoothie with the feel good factor... made from green tea, gogi berries and red berries with fresh almond milk
Drinks and Smoothies

Very Berry Smoothie


 There’s nothing like a delicious smoothie to start the day especially when it’s a very berry smoothie filled with antioxidant goodness. This smoothie tastes like a dessert in a drink and you will be coming back for more! The antioxidant ingredient I use which is usually missing from most smoothies […]

A delicious salad made with lettuce, chorizo, warm roasted potatoes and topped with soft boiled eggs drizzled with a feta yogurt dressing
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Warm Chorizo Potato Salad


 I’ve always loved my potato salad…. normally drizzled with a creamy chive mayonnaise dressing… but this salad of warm chorizo and roasted potato drizzled with a creamy feta yogurt and mint dressing puts any other potato salad into the shade. It is really simple to make and can even be eaten […]