Hi I’m Fiona and welcome to my blog! Here’s my story……


About Me

I have always been passionate about cooking and baking…. From the moment my mother gave me my first cookbook and all the precious times we spent together in the kitchen to dreaming of the food my she made while I was away from home. I still remember the smells coming from our kitchen and the many parties hosted in our house, the picnics in the forest, the barbecues on the beach, cooking in campsites and even my special packed lunches at school. I am an Irish girl living back in Ireland having lived for the last 10 years in the Mediterranean as well as Bermuda, Guernsey, France and I am especially influenced by different cultures and their foods. We travel whenever we can spending at least 2 to 3 months abroad and I love to recreate the dishes from memory of their tastes, smells, textures and the wonderful memories they have instilled in me. Food in our family is so much more than a meal. The fun I have with my children in the kitchen, enjoying food with family and friends, the parties we host and even a simple tapa in our local bar are all different occasions with one common denominator… delicious food. 

My Journey So far

I have always baked for special occasions but when my firstborn came along I wanted to produce not just a cake but an amazing cake. So I taught myself the art of cake decorating. Soon my friends started asking me at my own children’s parties could I make one for them and then it grew. I love teaching children and adults too and often hold baking classes and parties for both. However, having made cakes and knowing what ingredients are in them especially the colourants for the icing colours, I became interested in learning more about food and their ingredients, realising I wanted my children to have a healthy start in life. So I gave up the cake making and ditched all the unhealthy and refined foods like white bread, white sugar, cereals and white pasta. I am recreating the dishes from my childhood using fresh local, clean, wholesome ingredients and when I started I couldn’t believe how simple it was! Bit by bit we omitted meat from our diet and we now follow a pescatarian diet full of fresh fish, vegetarian and vegan meals.

My Love of Photography

I have always been passionate about photography. I would photograph anything from the ants in the garden to the flowers growing on the trees, the friends who were visiting to the people I didn’t even know. I was the kid who always had the camera. I was the student who photographed all our college experiences. I was the adult who always brought her camera to parties. And now I am the person always photographing the food and conjuring up dishes in my mind.

The Here and Now

I am now combining two of my loves …. food and photography to bring you mouth-watering photographs and recipes to inspire you. My blog focuses on simple healthy Mediterranean pescatarian, vegetarian and vegan recipes,  with a Mediterranean twist replacing any processed or unhealthy ingredients with natural alternatives that are aligned with your family’s general or specific tastes and diet.  I am based in Ireland and Spain spending several months a year in both of my favourite places in the world. I want to teach you that no matter where you live you can cook the healthy Mediterranean way! Mediterranean cooking is a way of life and is for life and there are plenty of delicious Mediterranean ingredients available anywhere in the world, not just the Mediterranean. Most of my vegetarian recipes have a vegan option too.

No added artificial enhancers are used in my photographs….. what you see  is what we eat! Having suffered from insensitivities to wheat and dairy for a number of years I realised that every family is different so the food I cook will be tailored to different individual needs. My first loves are my family and friends who help test them! You too can cook from the heart and for the heart! 

Enjoy Food With Me
Job Title
Mediterranean Food Consultant