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Caribbean Salad

Here in the Mediterranean we are used to eating salads. There’s nothing nicer on a hot day than having a delicious salad with your fish or tapas. But let’s face it we get bored eating the same ensalada mixta every day so we like to vary it. Try combining any of […]


Prawns In A Coconut Creole Sauce

We are continuing our Caribbean season with one of my favourites…. prawns in a coconut creole sauce. Prawns are one of the staple dishes in the Caribbean and taste different each time. I had something similar served to me in an amazing restaurant in Ponce in Puerto Rico and I […]


Zingy Plantain Chips

Caribbean cooking wouldn’t be complete without plantain chips. Perfect eaten plain or with spice or flavourings. Perfect with a glass of wine, beer or your favourite cocktail. Or perfect on their own as a delicious snack. In Puerto Rico plantains were growing freely and were readily available everywhere….  


Piña Colada Smoothie

Piña Colada….. the sound of it just wants you to imagine you are on a tropical beach somewhere listening to the sounds of the waves and feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin. But you don’t really have to be there…. you can just imagine it and instead find […]


Guinness Spelt Bread

Having just celebrated St Patrick’s Day  I have had so many requests from my friends and family for my version of Guinness spelt bread.  We are used to celebrating Paddy’s Day in our house … with not one, not 2 but at least 3 parties! One before, one on the […]

blood orange jelly

Blood Orange Jelly

I love orange season. I still marvel 8 years later at walking down the street and seeing an orange tree. Just standing there full of oranges not being picked but falling eventually to the ground. I still pass an orange tree pick a leaf off it and rub it together to […]


Salmon with Butternut Squash Noodles

When I cook I love to create colour, texture and flavours o with this next dish I am using all 3 combined with the crunchy topping on the salmon, the sweetness of the baked  butternut squash pasta , and the vibrant colours which come together when the dish is served. I […]


Antioxidant Dragon Fruit Smoothie

I love tasting new ingredients. For ages I used to look at the dragon fruit in the exotic fruit section of the supermarket and wonder what it tasted like. It always appealed to me because of it’s pink colour as I love pink! Pink brightens up a rainy day. Pink […]


Pumpkin Buckwheat Pancakes

With Pancake Tuesday coming upon us in the next few days why not ditch the traditional breakfast pancakes for a much healthier and delicious alternative! These are wholesome and golden, rich and flavoursome yet light and spongy. Utterly utterly delicious you will go back for seconds… and thirds! Mmm I […]