Side Dishes

A delicious salad made with lettuce, chorizo, warm roasted potatoes and topped with soft boiled eggs drizzled with a feta yogurt dressing

Warm Chorizo Potato Salad

I’ve always loved my potato salad…. normally drizzled with a creamy chive mayonnaise dressing… but this salad of warm chorizo and roasted potato drizzled with a creamy feta yogurt and mint dressing puts any other potato salad into the shade. It is really simple to make and can even be eaten […]


3 Delicious Dips

Here are my recipes for 3 delicious dips perfect with your weekend drink, on their own or served with my mixed falafel. You can make your favourite one but as they are so simple to make I usually make all 3 as it’s nice to have variety!  The yogurt and […]


Coconut Rice

Since I started making coconut rice I find it’s the side dish we eat most in our house. It’s perfect with spicy, Oriental, Caribbean and Indian food and even on it’s own with vegetables added. But especially delicious with my prawns in a coconut creole sauce. We only eat brown rice […]