candy cane wreath

Candy Cane Wreath

I am so happy to start my new lifestyle section with instructions on how to make a candy cane wreath. We love Christmas here at Enjoy Food With Me and it’s not just the food but the decorations that are important on special occasions. If you have a great atmosphere in the home then the food tastes even better and more festive especially at Christmas time! This candy cane wreath was designed and made by our youngest 12-year-old member of the family so get your kids making the decorations while you’re cooking in the kitchen!

It just makes such a change to the traditional wreaths and is such fun for the kids.

candy cane wreath

 What you’ll need to make this candy cane wreath:

– 18 candy canes

– glue gun or strong glue

– red craft paper

– red glitter

– decorative ribbon

To make the candy cane wreath:

Pick the candy cane of your choice preferably with some red in it.

candy cane wreath

Arrange them into heart shapes and glue together until all the candy canes resemble hearts. Leave to dry.

candy cane wreath

Then arrange them all into a circle gluing them together. Leave to dry. I really recommend buying a glue gun as the glue is hot and dries within minutes as well as being super strong. You can buy one here at a very good price and it is a lot cheaper than continuously buying strong glue.

candy cane wreath

Cut out a circle in red paper, spread over with glue and red glitter and attach to the centre of the candy cane wreath. This is what it will look like from the back so you are hiding the imperfections!

candy cane wreath

Attach decorative ribbon to the top and hang in your favourite place. We like ours outside on the door but it can be hung on a tree or added to a party area like our hot drinks corner. How cute is that!

candy cane wreath

Make sure if it is near a radiator that it is turned off as the heat may cause the glue to melt! If this happens just re-glue. Please do not eat the candy cane after use in case of glue usage as well as the fact candy cane is pure sugar! Happy Christmas xxx

candy cane wreath


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