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Sweet Potato Nut Roast


 This sweet potato nut roast is the perfect food to bring on a picnic or pack in your lunchbox. It is full of goodness and flavour and tastes better than a meatloaf! You don’t have to be a vegetarian to enjoy this as it is packed with delicious nuts, light […]

summer berry terrine

Summer Berry Rose Terrine


 Summer is finally on its way so it got me thinking or maybe I should say dreaming….whenever I think of summer I dream of plump summer berries, chilled rosΓ© wine and the sweet fragrance of summer flowers, but imagine combining these in a dessert and you’ll have the most delicious summer […]

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Skinny Fish Tacos


 These fish tacos are the perfect weekend recipe. Healthy, easy to make and perfect for lunch, dinner or as a snack with your favourite weekend tipple. I call these my skinny fish tacos as they are my comfort skinny food when craving something other than a salad! The saltiness of […]

chicken satay

Chicken Cashew Satay Buddha Bowl


 It’s Friday, it’s cold and it’s raining and I don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen when I could be spending it curled up on the sofa by the fire watching my favourite movie …so…I’m NOT going to spend hours in the kitchen and I AM going to watch my […]